The Countess of Chester Hospital breast imaging unit

The unit provides a range of clinics and services for local clients and patients and can be found in OPD3/F18 on the first floor. The main contact number is 01244 365135. Please note to book/reschedule a routine breast screening mammogram you can also visit the website

The breast imaging unit consists of three mammography machines which can perform 2D, 3D tomographic imaging, x-ray guided biopsies and Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM). There are three ultrasound rooms.

The above serves routine screening and assessment for clients in the area, imaging approximately 9000 clients per year. Fast track clinics run to diagnose breast disease (benign and non-benign). A surveillance service provides follow-up care for patients who have undergone surgery/treatment.

You can find more information about the Wirral and Chester breast screening programme here.

What is a mammogram?

The mammogram is a relatively low dose x-ray. Four x-rays are taken to image all the breast tissue – two of each breast, one from top to bottom (cranial caudal) and one from side to side (medio lateral). Each breast is placed in turn onto the x-ray machine and gentle but firm compression is applied. Compression is very important to keep the breast still and get the clearest picture with the lowest amount of radiation possible.

Some patients can find this compression uncomfortable. Research has shown it is comparable to having your blood pressure taken and less painful than having a blood test.

What to expect during your visit

Watch this short video to find out more about how a mammogram works, what you can expect during your visit and some of the benefits of having a mammogram.

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