Admission and day of surgery

Most patients will be asked to attend the Theatre admissions Lounge for admission on the day of surgery. This is a comfortable Lounge area adjacent to theatre. Unfortunately partners are unable to stay with you following admission.

On Arrival you will be admitted to this lounge area by the nursing staff who will start the preoperative process by admitting you to Hospital, checking your basic observations such as Temperature, Pulse and Blood pressure, as well as measuring you for your anti clot stockings. If relevant a pregnancy test will be performed on all women of child bearing age

You will be seen by the Anaesthetist who will be putting you to sleep for your operation who will discuss the planned anaesthetic as well as pain and nausea control as will answer any questions you may have.

You will also be seen by the surgeon who will be performing your surgery who will ensure that the surgery is still correct and will discuss the operation with you again and answer any final questions or concerns that you may have.

Immediately prior to surgery you will walk down to theatre to be met by the anaesthetic and nursing staff who will check your identity and complete the mandatory checklists prior to starting the anaesthetic and your surgery.

Anaesthesia is started in the anaesthetic room with an injection through a cannula or tube that will be inserted into a vein in the back of your hand or wrist. When you are anaesthetised you will be transferred to the operating room so that your surgery will commence


Immediately following your surgery you will be moved to theatre "recovery". This is a ward area that has the same monitoring systems that are used during your anaesthesia, and you will be looked after on a 1:1 basis by a recovery Nurse. The aim of this ward is to monitor you closely immediately after surgery to allow you to recover from your anaesthesia and surgery before you are well enough to be transferred back to the Gynaecology ward.

During this time your Temperature pulse, Blood Pressure and Oxygen concentration will be monitored and recorded , your kidney function will be checked by the collection of urine in your catheter ( a tube inserted into your bladder whilst you are asleep that allows your bladder to empty continuously) and your need for pain and nausea relief will be checked. Once you are awake enough you can start consuming some small quantities of drink at this stage.

As soon as you are drinking any intravenous infusion "drips" will be taken down which make you more mobile and less confined although this may not occur until you return to the ward.

Once the recovery staff are happy that you have recovered sufficiently from your anaesthetic you will be taken on a trolley/ bed back to the ward.

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