Routine tests

There are a variety of routine screening tests that your baby may undergo. These may include the following:

Blood Spot Test
This will be performed on day 5-8 of life and will be repeated if your baby is born less than 32 weeks gestation. This is a national screening test and you will be given a leaflet about this test.

Hearing Test
All infants will have hearing screening prior to discharge. This is part of a national programme. We will provide you with further information when your baby is close to discharge.

Eye Test
Babies born less than 32 weeks gestation or who weigh less than 1.5kg will have a routine eye check at around 6 weeks of age to exclude Retinopathy of Prematurity (R.O.P). A separate leaflet explaining R.O.P will be given to you should your baby require this eye check.

Head Scans
Premature babies less than 30 weeks gestation will receive a routine head scan.  Should your baby require this test one of the medical staff will discuss this with you.

There are many different tests that your baby may undergo as part of their ongoing treatment. These will always be discussed with you and you will be given the opportunity to ask questions.  

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