Getting to know your baby

Take a look at the  Responding to your baby leaflet for Information on how to start connecting and responding with your baby;

  • While you are pregnant   
  • Greeting your baby for the first time
  • Caring and responding to your baby

Responding 2Ribbon Tummy


Don’t forget to ask your community midwife to arrange a 1:2:1 visit to discuss the early days and getting feeding off to a good start. Keeping your baby close helps you both to get to know each other and helps you to recognise and respond to your baby’s cues very quickly when your baby is hungry, thirsty or just wants a cuddle. Research shows baby’s brain development is shaped by the experiences they are exposed to in childhood. When children are brought up in a loving and nurturing environment they become confident and secure adults.

Your baby’s brain is growing rapidly in the first two years and by

  • Picking your baby up and soothing them if they are crying.
  • Having frequent skin to skin
  • Keeping your  baby nearby
  • Touching, massaging and talking to your baby 

All the above reduces the stress hormone cortisol and releases the hormone oxytocin which will make your baby feel secure and safe which is important for your baby’s brain development and wellbeing. Take a look at these other links for more information about getting to know your baby.       



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