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COCH Patient Experience Team

Whether you have had a good experience or you have some concerns, we would like you to tell us what you think of our services and about the care you have received. We take all feedback very seriously. We want to pass on positive feedback to our staff and if we have got something wrong, we want the opportunity to put things right as quickly as possible. We assure you that your care will not be compromised in any way if you raise a concern or make a complaint.

You can raise a formal complaint by contacting our patient experience team on 01244 366066 or by email at


Friends and Family Test

What is the NHS Friends and Family Test?

The NHS Friends and Family Test is based on one straightforward question that we are asking people who are accessing a wide range of NHS services. It means you can give your feedback about the care you have received. The NHS wants to make sure that you have the best possible experience of care, and the NHS Friends and Family Test is a way of gathering your feedback, so we can understand what has worked well and, where necessary, make improvements.

How does it work?

As you progress through your pregnancy and access different maternity services, you will be given the opportunity to answer the NHS Friends and Family Test question. You’ll have the opportunity to give us your views on antenatal care, birthing care and postnatal care. You might be asked the question up to 3 or 4 times, so we can make sure we can improve every stage of maternity care. The question will be slightly different depending on the service you have just used, but will look like this:

How likely are you to recommend our ‘maternity service’ to friends and family if they needed similar care and treatment?

You’ll be able to select from the following responses:

  • Extremely likely
  • Likely
  • Neither likely or unlikely
  • Unlikely
  • Extremely unlikely
  • Don’t know

We also encourage you to provide us with more information so we can understand why you chose your answer. This is optional, but it does mean we learn a little more about your experience, including what we did well and where we can look to make improvements. Your NHS maternity provider will offer you the opportunity to answer the question at the appropriate time, using the collection method that they have chosen to use. When you answer the question you can include your name, but you don’t have to.

How will the results be used?

Your feedback will help us to learn more about our services. We want you to tell us what we are doing well – so we can do more of it, but it’s also important that you tell uswhat you didn’t like and where we can do better. We’ll use your feedback to make changes that will help us to offer a continually improving standard of maternity care.

Will the results be published?

The NHS Friends and Family Test results for maternity services are published on the NHS Choices website. This is part of the NHS’s commitment to be open and transparent and give patients in-depth information about health services. Find out more:


Chester Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP)

Chester Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is a team of local parents, health professionals, commissioners (who fund services) and community organisations working together to help make services provided during pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood the best they can possibly be for each family.

For more information about giving feedback or joining the team, take a look at the Chester MVP website:


NNU Parent Advisory Group (PAG)

Cheshire & Merseyside Neonatal Parent Advisory Group are a group of parents who have all had experience of neonatal care in Cheshire & Merseyside. They work in partnership with the wider neonatal community to ensure the voice of families informs current and future care. Find out more:


Healthwatch Cheshire

Healthwatch Cheshire, is an independent voice for the people of Cheshire to help shape and improve local health and care services. Share your views, needs and experiences to help Cheshire get the best possible health and care:



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