The Neonatal Unit is on the ground floor in the Maternity building. Transitional care is located on the Post Natal ward on the 1st Floor.

Access to the Unit is via an intercom which will be activated when a member of staff has checked who you are and who you have come to see.

We have open visiting for parents and baby's own brothers and sisters. Other relatives and friends (over 16yrs of age) may visit at designated visiting times (see notices) but must always be escorted by one of the baby's parents.  There is a restriction of no more than two people at the cot/incubator at one time and one should be a parent. Any problems or special requests can be discussed with the shift leader or ward present there is a restriction on siblings due to the measles outbreak and therefore the child health record must be shown to the shift leader to verify the sibling's inoculation programme.

Mums may need to use the lift or be escorted by a midwife on first visit. 

The unit is very warm and humid so it is advisable to wear light clothing while visiting.

Babies are vulnerable to infection and staff on the unit will discuss this with you on your first visit.

We ask that all visitors are vigilant with hand-washing and applying alcohol gel when they come into the nursery.

Only parents should touch and cuddle their baby, minimising the risk of infection. Prior to handling your baby you should wash you hands and remove any watches, wrist jewellery and rings with stones.

Outdoor clothing must not be worn within the nurseries. Hooks for coats etc are provided just inside the unit. Remember not to leave any valuables in the pockets. 

You or any potential visitors should not to visit if you feel unwell or have a cough/cold or diarrhoea/vomiting. If you are unsure please phone and check with the nurse looking after your baby.

For your baby's safety, a security system is in operation on the Neonatal Unit as well as throughout the Maternity Wing. We are able to screen visitors prior to them gaining access to the unit and in this way we can prevent any unauthorised/unwelcome visitors.  Anyone seeking access to the Neonatal Unit will be asked to wait until a member of staff has identified them.

All hospital staff wear an identification badge at all times.

Please be aware of your own personal belongings at all times and do not leave them unattended.

Please alert a member of staff if you see or hear anything suspicious that concerns you. Your baby's safety is paramount: please help us to help you. The Trust will not tolerate acts of violence or verbal abuse to its staff anyone who displays such behaviour will be asked to leave.

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